Sarova Lion Hill Game Lodge

Accommodation at Lake Nakuru

Sarova Lion Hill Game Lodge is nestled in the Lake Nakuru National Park along Lion Hill, it is a spectacular resort that offers guests an up-close and personal view of the beauty and nature of Kenya. Just a few hours away from the capital, Nairobi, this Nakuru hotel features a variety of rooms that are positioned intentionally to provide stunning views of both the Lake Nakuru and the Lake Nakuru National Park.

This Lodge is a beautiful retreat set in Lake Nakuru National Park – home to thousands of pink flamingoes and pelicans. This exotic park boasts of a rich concentration of wildlife including black and white colobus monkeys and is also a Rhino sanctuary. Look for temperamental black rhinos browsing in the bushes, and larger white rhinos cropping grass along the lakeside. Nowhere else will get a photo of a rhino with a backdrop of pink flamingos sifting food from a shimmering lake.

It features luscious greenery, winding walkways and tall yellow and beautiful green acacia trees as well, giving visitors a feeling of being among nature, while also providing up-to-date modern amenities.

Your encounter with the many Rhinoceros, commonly known as Rhinos that call this their habitat along with the varied safari animals reignites the real experience of a true African Safari. To help accommodate the needs of every guest, Sarova Lion Hill Lodge offers 67 chalets.

The chalets are divided into three suites and 64 traditional rooms. A presidential suite, called the Ziwa (lake) suite, is in an isolated location, providing the necessary privacy required for honeymooners and business executives. Two other suites, the Chui (leopard) and Faru (rhino) suites are directly adjacent. These have a cozy lodge feel complete with a fireplace. Each of the 64 standard rooms features panoramic lake views and you can choose from single, double and triple beds. It is a perfect place to experience one of the world’s largest ornithological spectacles in the heart of the Great Rift Valley.

The Sarova Lion Hill Game Lodge features several facilities and services that will help make your stay more comfortable and enjoyable, including an on-site restaurant, bar and wildlife tours. Unlike other Lake Nakuru National Park Lodges, this one is conveniently located only 30 minutes away from the private airstrip in the park, making access in and out of the park easy. An airport shuttle is available as well.

Sarova Lion Hill Game Lodge opened its doors in 1986. The lodge gets its name from the hill directly behind it that was a lion’s abode.

Sarova Lion Hill Game Lodge Facilities

  • Main Restaurant
  • Main Bar
  • Outdoor Swimming Pool
  • Tulia Spa
  • Conference Faclities
  • Wedding Grounds
  • Honeymoon Suite
  • Gift shop, business centre, Wi-Fi
  • Outdoor Team Building facilities
  • Game Drive Vehicles

Sarova Lion Hill Game Lodge Room Types

Sarova Lion Hill Ziwa Suites

Ziwa meaning “lake” in Swahili, is the lodge’s presidential suite. The suite is situated in an isolated location, ideal for honeymooners who want that required privacy.

Sarova Lion Hill Standard Rooms

The 64 standard rooms are cozy and all have a panoramic view of the lake. There is an option of single, double or triple with some rooms having a day bed.

Foods & Drinks options at Sarova Lion Hill Game Lodge

The Sarova Lion Hill Game Lodge has its own vegetable and herb garden, and this produce shines in many of the meals provided at the Nakuru hotel. Every meal provided here is served outside, or “al fresco” at the on-site Flamingo Restaurant.

Here you can enjoy an elaborate meal whilst also taking in the beauty of the hotel’s swimming pool, carefully manicured grounds and the stunning lake. There is also a buffet counter at the restaurant where you can enjoy a bounty of both Kenyan and international cuisines. Special dietary menu options are available upon request.

The Rift Valley Bar provides a place to unwind at the end of the day as well. Here you can enjoy cocktails, juices, beer and a variety of soft drinks. The bar is connected to the amphitheater, making it easy to grab a drink while enjoying evening entertainment.

Activities at Sarova Lion Hill Game Lodge

Like other Lake Nakuru National Park lodges, the Sarova Lion Hill Game Lodge provides activities for guests who wish to mainly stay in the hotel grounds during their visit, with pool tables, swimming and indoor activities available.

This Lodge in Nakuru also provides Safari Guides and vehicles for hire to help you explore the well-marked areas around the lake and throughout the park. The game drives let you view nature up-close, and you can watch for birds, including the avocet and flamingos, as well as lions, leopards and black rhinos.

Children visiting the Sarova Lion Hill Lodge can take part in a number of activities also. Planned activities for children under the age of 12 years include: Marathon, Mini soccer, Archery, Water polo, Board games, cooking lessons, Tree planting, and Nature walks. Some of the children’s activities must be supervised and may cost extra.

Extra Services at Sarova Lion Hill Game Lodge

Conferencing at Sarova Lion Hill Lodge

Like many Nakuru hotels, the Sarova Lion Hill Lodge is an ideal venue for meetings, conferences and seminars in Nakuru. The facilities here are designed to suit your needs and provide you with a quiet environment, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

There are two conference rooms available that include markers, pens, DVDs, a TV, a flip chart board, writing pads, an LCD projector with screen and Wi-Fi. Nine conference and syndicate rooms are available in all. You can take advantage of secretarial assistance and a personalized conference coordinator during your stay.

Weddings at Sarova Lion Hill

If you’re interested in a fairy tale wedding and a honeymoon you won’t forget, this is one of the best Lake Nakuru National Park Lodges for your romantic needs. You’ll enjoy luxurious suites, multiple package options and photo sessions on site, all whilst experiencing the rich culture and hospitality of Africa.

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