The Sands at Chale Island.

Accommodation at Diani Beach

The Sands at Chale Island is laid-back island resort on the sandy Diani beach. It is surrounded by indigenous forest is 16 km from the famous Diani Beach. It’s also 30 km from Shimba Hills National Reserve. The Crystal clear water with brilliant coral will surround you at all hours of the day and a natural mangrove forest. Feel as though you are at one with nature, even while an attentive staff is there to wait on you hand and foot. Located 200 meters off the mainland, the island holds 15 acres of ancient indigenous forest, as well as a tidal mangrove lake.


  • The three separate swimming pools are made of local stone and are connected by a miniature waterfall to the party-sized Jacuzzi.
  • Hiking paths are built to let you explore every corner of the island, and plenty of opportunities for lounging in the shade can be easily found.
  • If you plan on taking home a piece of Chale Island for yourself, visit each of the two boutiques that feature locally-made African jewelry and clothing, as well as custom-made wood carvings.
  • The Maisha Poa spa offers a full menu of relaxation options designed to put you in the lap of luxury for your entire trip.

The Sands at Chale Island. Rooms Types

–   Overwater Suite

A first of their kind in Kenya, the Chale Island Water Bandas are located on the northwest of the island with stunning views of Bird Island, Gazi Bay and, in the distant sunset, the Shimba Hills. The suite has a large bedroom with an en-suite bathroom which looks out over the channel and a separate sitting room.

 Penthouse Suites

Featuring a separate sitting room, a veranda with a stunning 270 degree view of the ocean and an upstairs grotto with a Jacuzzi on the roof facing the sunset, the Chale Island penthouse suites will give you the ultimate all round island view.


All Chale Island Bandas have high, palm thatch roofs with views either out to sea, over the beach, or panoramas encompassing lagoon, channel, mangroves and the setting sun over the Shimba Hills. Sun beds set on private front lawns and large verandas with Swahili day beds give relaxing views.

Standard Rooms

Carefully set into the natural environment, the Chale Island main buildings with 28 spacious semi-circular en-suite rooms and Swahili day beds set on breezy verandas facing the ocean ensure all comforts are taken care of.

Foods & Drinks options at The Sands at Chale Island.

What could be better than a blend of traditional Kenyan cuisine combined with the flavors of Italy and the orient? Chale Island’s first-class chefs have experience catering to international palettes while drawing from all of the flavors of the sea. A well-stocked wine cellar will offer the perfect pairing to any of your choices, and a live grilling station will mean only the freshest meals prepared right in front of you.

When it comes to beverages, you can choose from fresh-pressed espresso, cold fruity drinks, cocktails, or wine. However, if you want a real taste of local tradition, partake in the daily tea serving, which will allow you to truly take in your surroundings.

Extra Services at The Sands at Chale Island.

One can hardly imagine a better place to host a wedding or honeymoon, with the calming waves and warming sun to accompany the very first moments of a lifetime commitment. The private rooms at Chale Island are perfect for two, and the world-class dining will be sure to set the right mood.

There is a range of special offers available for young couples looking to enjoy a tropical paradise

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